Haggling Breaks The Unity of the Law of Attraction

People who loves to shop can often be found in flea markets, garage sales, electronic malls or even car dealerships trying to strike up a bargain with their haggling. Come one admit it. Even guys feel that sense of achievement when they get a good deal. But you will be surprised to know that this can actually affect your Law of Attraction life!

You bargain or haggle to get the best price for a product or service. This is done in all aspects of personal and business life and thee is nothing wrong with it normally. However, in so doing, you could potentially create an energy imbalance that damages your quest for a life of abundance.

The power of intention – that is the key to how the Law of Attraction works in your life. Intention is everything. Any thoughts, feelings, and intentions you hold when engaging in any activity usually determines the quality of outcomes of your experiences.

Let’s examine the process of haggling. When you are doing it, your intention will determine whether you use the Law of Attraction in a way that benefits both parties, or creates an imbalance of energy. Whenever there is a transaction, be it that you but something or receive it, or you are the one giving it away or selling it, there is an exchange of energy and if the quality or quantity exchanged is not fairly proportioned, an energy imbalance is created.

So what, you might say. After all, someone has to win and lose. But like all things in the universe, a balance is sought by it. If an imbalanced transaction is created, the universe will try to smooth out this imbalance in another area – and this can rebound on you in a way least expected.

Something so important requires another example to show an imbalanced energy exchange:

Imagine you are shopping at a shopping mall or street market and you find something you like. “Hmm… $25 for this is not bad.” But being a bargain hunter, you want to see if you can get it for less. However, before you start bargaining with the seller, examine your intentions carefully.

When you are trying to get a better price for the item, is your attempt to extract greater value from it than what you are giving to the seller? In other words, are you trying to pay less for the item than for what you believe it is worth? If it is, you have created an energy imbalance.

Once the universe detects an energy imbalance, it will, in its great wisdom, seek to redress this imbalance and create harmony again. This can happen in may different ways: you might be cheated or swindled by another seller, or instead of enjoying the item you purchased, the item might get stolen or be broken unexpectedly.

Are we going to see an end of bargaining or haggling as we know it? No way!

Haggling or bargaining is good when you feel that the item or service you want to purchase is overpriced and you want to bring the price back to its true value. When you haggle for this, it is a great way to CREATE more balance in the whole energy realm.

Ultimately, what happens depends on your INTENTION in every transaction. If you try to cheat and gain an unfair advantage? You will find losing much more than you gain. But if you always try to create fairness in all negotiations and transactions, the great benefit from a harmonious flow of energy will not only help you, but all those whom you deal with.

The power of intention is so strong and determines how the Law of Attraction will be for you.

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