Should restaurants be required to list calories and fat grams on their menus?

Sanitation and employee infectious disease requirements should be the only things mandated by law.

Why take business, especially small family owned restaurants on a consistently longer financial ride? All we really do is run small businesses out of business and allow the larger corporations to increase charges and lower food quality.

What do I mean about running small businesses out of business? I am personally familiar with a small restaurant located on the third floor of an old building. The State Legislature passed a law requiring all businesses to be accessible for the handicapped. As the old building had no elevators and the small restaurant could not afford to install one, good-bye business.

I, myself, am disabled. However, there is no glee in watching a business close so my healthy neighbor cannot climb the stairs to enjoy a restaurant.

If you think that the Alfredo sauce in that corporate restaurant does not come out of a package for mixing with water, you might want to think twice. If you ask your food server, they probably will not have a clue.

In a small family owned restaurant, you can pretty well bet your cream, butter and garlic they know what is in the food.

Should we create a new law to go with the many others we have? Let us go with a listing of calories, fat grams, and maybe later a full list of ingredients and amounts of those ingredients.

Maybe a list of the cleaning agents used and with what soaps what employees shower?

Do you think that sounds ridiculous? It is, and so is this constant push for legally mandating what and what not restaurants must or cannot do.

If it is best for his business to include any specific information on their menu, that should be the restaurant owners prerogative. A full list of food temperatures and ingredients, a separate low calorie low fat menu section, or simply daily special’. French fries are fattening. Anyone who does not know this should avoid restaurants.

If a restaurant considers it good business to include a low fat, low calorie section on their menu, that should be up to them.

Sure restaurants should have certain responsibilities. However, those responsibilities should be limited to current civil suits, not new laws demanded by irresponsible peoples.

If my child is allergic to peanut products, it should be my responsibility to notify the food server. I should be the restaurants responsibility that the serve know the food ingredients. If that server allows us to order a hamburger with ‘special sauce’ for the child and that sauce turns out to (oddly) contain peanut butter. That restaurant should be responsible in a civil court for damages.

Why is the restaurant responsible because their coffee happens to be hotter than from the average restaurant? Common sense alone would tell me that any hot coffee would scald me if I spill it upon myself. Good Grief, hot means what it says, hot. We have gone way to far, demanding businesses be responsible for what we ourselves should know.

How many grams of fat are in an ounce of lettuce? How many calories in an average hot fudge sundae? If I care about it, I will become informed myself. Not make the restaurant responsible to inform me.

We have gone too far already in blaming others for what should be our own responsibility.

Mandating that restaurants list calories and fat grams on their menus is simply a lack of accepting personal responsibility.

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