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How to Find Restaurants On-the-Go?

So, you’ve landed up in Philadelphia and your taste buds are tempted to relish Thai food and you’ve no clue where to dine? It’s not a problem, if you are carrying a cell phone. The latest technological advancements gets you restaurant reviews on-the-go in your mobile phone. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. […]

How to get the most from your dining experience

Everyone thinks that the path to a pleasant dining experience rests in how much you tip, but the key to getting the most out of your meal begins the minute you decide to eat out, and it hinges on five key factors: choosing the restaurant, time of day, ordering, attitude, and payment. Let’s begin. 1) […]

Tips for being a good customer while dining out

You enter a restaurant over lunch hour. It is busy. You look around worried you may not get a seat, until you spot one at a corner. With a sigh of relief you begin a mad dash. In the process you almost knock over a waitress carrying a tray, overflowing with food and drink. “Look […]

Dining etiquette: Why you should be polite to your waitress

Enjoying a nice, relaxing and delicious dinner is a favorite pastime of many. A couple’s first date often involves a nice dinner at a restaurant. Celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries oftentimes take place at a nice restaurant. Allowing a day off for the cook, whether that be Mom, wife, or Dad, is another reason […]

Binge eating disorders

When most people think of eating disorders, immediately they imagine a starved celebrity, probably suffering from anorexia or bulimia, but few realize that the most common and unspoken eating disorder is, in fact, binge-eating disorder. Drawing the line Because it is normal for people to overeat on occasion, some may find it difficult to determine […]

Vertical Search Engine on Restaurants

Vertical search sites have long since stopped trying to compete with Google and are focusing instead on trying to be a niche destination site. Vertical search is a specialized search in the Internet search industry with search engines that focus on specific businesses. In a generic search engine, users would have to rely on complex […]

Eating disorders explained

Eating Disorders Are a Serious Issue Eating disorders can affect both males and females, with a higher instance occurring in females. An eating disorder is a potentially deadly syndrome, or illness, that has a biological base. The predisposition of developing an eating disorder is heavily influenced by emotional, societal, and cultural factors. Many eating disorder […]

Cuisine as community: How food practices influence how we relate to one another

When it comes to food rituals, modern man has not changed very much from his caveman ancestors when it comes to eating in groups. After chasing down their protein choice of the day, he relaxed around a fire and shared his spoils with family and friends. Our caveman might have gotten a little testy, though, […]

Importance of food hygiene

Do you think about the importance of food hygiene, and the negative impact that improper food hygiene could have on your health? Without proper hygiene in food preparation and storage, your health can be in danger of contracting food borne illnesses. Here’s a list of some food safety precautions to be aware of to maintain […]

Tips for dining out

Dining out has a different level of significance for every family. For some it is a daily occurrence and is the norm, while for others it is an occasional special treat. Regardless of which category your family falls into, you want the experience to be enjoyable. There are seldom any guarantees when you enter a […]