How to get the most from your dining experience

Everyone thinks that the path to a pleasant dining experience rests in how much you tip, but the key to getting the most out of your meal begins the minute you decide to eat out, and it hinges on five key factors: choosing the restaurant, time of day, ordering, attitude, and payment. Let’s begin.

1) Choosing your restaurant.

In today’s volatile economy restaurant chains rise out of nowhere everyday just to sink just as quickly back into obscurity. However, literally hundreds of choices from national chains like Olive Garden, to refined New York steak houses or and mom and pop diners are available to people in every region of the country, on any budget. This then begs the question, “Where do I want to eat?”

Your night begins here, with this very simple yet important question. It’s more than just a matter of Italian food or vegan tacos – it’s about your expectations.

What do you want – “want” being the operative word? You can dine anywhere, but you’re choosing to be there so make it for the right reasons. Are you looking for fine dining and an extensive wine list to dazzle a client or a cozy booth to spend hours catching up with an out of town friend? We “go out” for more than just food – we pay for an experience, and even if you’re there for a quick bite, asking yourself a few questions can tease out your ideal atmosphere. Questions like:

Am I willing to wait a long time for a table?

Do they take reservations?

Is it loud?

Is it a family style restaurant?

Is it expensive?

Is the menu large or small?

Am I willing to try something new?

Am I in a hurry?

The answers to these few questions can help assess the mood you’re in, and a little forethought can save you a two hour wait in a noisy, kid-filled lobby to finally sit at a table in a restaurant that doesn’t serve salmon. Instead of just heading out the door and picking a restaurant based on the spinning marquis that catches your eye from the freeway, put a little thought into your expectations.

2) Choosing the time

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you choose a mid-sized regional chain. Excellent, most people do. You’ve been to an establishment like this before, even if it may be your first time at this particular chain or location, therefore you know what to expect, right? Not always. A restaurant is just like anything else, with its unpredictable qualities, but the one truth you can count on is that timing really is everything.

When you dine is almost as important

Booking an accommodation in Dublin, Ireland – Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this article discussed factors such as your budget, and location that need to be considered when making a booking for your visit to Dublin and Ireland. Dublin is divided into 5 major divisions, namely Temple Bar (City Centre), North City Centre, South City Centre, North County and South County. The locations near the city centre are closest to the popular tourist attractions and also have the most popular pubs and restaurants. The areas further from the city centre are ideal for people who want some privacy, and who want to stay away from the busy life of the heart of the city.

When choosing an accommodation, you should also consider factors like the type of accommodation. Dublin offers a number of accommodation types, which include Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Townhouses, Apartments, Bed and Breakfasts and Self Catering Apartments. These accommodation types are discussed in this part of the article.

Dublin has a chain of hotels each providing quality service in its arena. All these hotels cater to the needs of the clients and ensure that the guests feel at home with their staff and services. All hotels in Dublin have bars. For a list of hotels in Dublin, Ireland, visit

Hostels in Dublin are available to provide warm service and accommodation to both students and travellers. They provide economical and budget accommodation to backpackers or to those who are on budget vacation. Hostels also provide an ideal accommodation for students, and have the facility of letting you choose whether you want to have a separate room or are comfortable in sharing a large room with other people. A list of popular hostels in Dublin, Ireland is given at Dublin Events.

Dublin has a wide variety of top class guesthouses each competing in providing the true Irish welcome to its guests. They are one fine option to ponder about when considering accommodation in Dublin. Some guesthouses boast of traditional décor suitably coupled with all the latest modern amenities for perfect leisure and perfect relaxation for the business and leisure guest. Find some great Guesthouses in Dublin, Ireland and book your stay with them on your next visit.

Dublin’s townhouses are rightly boasted of being the finest in the country as each provides services which are second to none. Majority of the townhouses are situated in the heart of Dublin making easy reach possible to the city attractions. For a list of Townhouses in Dublin, visit Dublin Ervents

Dublin’s traditional Victorian inspired large houses are being replaced by the contemporary lifestyles of living, where people are now acquiring and living in apartments. These apartments are not only compact, but also hold all the required essentials for both travellers and residents. Find all information about apartments and shared houses in Dublin, Ireland online.

Bed and Breakfasts
Dublin Bed n’ Breakfasts offer Romantic Vacations, accommodations for Business Travellers, venue for meetings, reunions, weddings and have many more things in the offering. Each Bed n Breakfast accommodation has distinctive style, which adhere to the highest standards of excellence in accommodations, facilities, culinary delights, and guest services. You will experience some real top-quality Bed n Breakfast experience in this part of Europe. To get a list of some of the Bed and Breakfasts in Dublin, check online at

Self Catering Apartments
Self Catering accommodation offers a wide selection of self-contained properties ranging from apartments, holiday cottages, apartments and other holiday complexes. They are available for rental over a short or long period, and provide tourists with comfort and privacy. These self-catering accommodations are available in different price ranges depending on the services they have in the offering. Dublin Events lists some of the self catering apartments and accommodation available for rent in Dublin, Ireland.

These articles will help you choose an appropriate choice for your stay in Dublin based on your budget options, area/location where you plan to stay and your selection of living. For more detailed information on availability and online booking facilities for accommodations in Dublin, visit Our accommodations resource will help you pick the best deal for your visit. You will also find some special deals on hotels and other accommodations as well as hot deals, and accommodation for major events like the upcoming Ryder Cup. Online booking facility is also available so that you can book your accommodation well in advance.

Ramsgate Hotels

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Tips for being a good customer while dining out

You enter a restaurant over lunch hour. It is busy. You look around worried you may not get a seat, until you spot one at a corner. With a sigh of relief you begin a mad dash. In the process you almost knock over a waitress carrying a tray, overflowing with food and drink.

“Look where you are going,” you growl, as you elbow her aside.

A moment later she brings you the menu and before she can ask you what you would like, you interrupt her.

“Today’s special and a bottle of water,” you say without looking up; eyes fixed on the newspaper.

In a short while, she returns.

“Your order,” she says, serving the food and water. This time you are on the phone and you immediately note that the water is not your favorite brand.

“Don’t you have Highlands water?” you ask, putting the caller on hold. Without waiting for an answer, you hand back the water and immediately turn away and get back to your call,

“I do not understand why they can’t hire fffing waitresses with some brain matter between their ears. I mean…,” you begin to rant to the caller as the waitress walks away overhearing every word.

She returns back with the water and you immediately begin to whine that the portions of the meal are too tiny for the exorbitant’ price the restaurant is charging.

“Bring me the bill,” you say whilst digging for your wallet.When the bill arrives all hell breaks loose.

“What do you mean the VAT is not included in the initial cost? This service charge is a rip off for the bad service,” you moan.

“Well, it is clearly indicated in the menu,” the waitress informs you.

“I never even looked at the damn menu,” you say adding a couple of expletives.

You pay the bill and dash of to your more important job.

Professionals working in the service industry have loads of horror stories about customers behaving badly while dining out. Often servers are young people who are treated with little respect by customers perhaps due to the assumption that their job is not as important as those of other professionals in the job market.

However they too need your respect. A memorable and enjoyable meal out can only be a reality when the customer and the server work together. Follow these tips for a great experience dining out.

Dos while dining out

Do make way for the server carrying a tray of food to other customers.

Do say hello to your server, make eye contact, smile and refer to them by name.

Do take a moment to look at the menu and make a clear decision.

Do ask questions if unsure of your order.

Do give your full order. Avoid wasting your servers time by sending them back and forth.

Do leave your table as clean as you possibly can.

Do leave a tip

Don’ts while dining out

Do not curse or use expletives at your server if unhappy with the order. Be polite.

Do not use rude words with your dinner companions while referring to the server. They just might overhear.

Don’t whine about not getting what you did not order for. Ask, cut out the whining.

Detailed Information About Dulles International Airport

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

When many travelers make the decision to visit another country, many try and find an international airport that is located close to their home. That is not always the case with the Dulles International Airport. While the majority of travelers use the Dulles International Airport because it is located within a reasonable distance to their home, not everyone does. Since Dulles is located in Washington, DC, many travelers make the decision to schedule a mini-vacation before they begin their big one, often overseas.

Whether you are a Washington, DC resident or not, there is a good chance that you will use the Dulles International Airport, when it comes to taking a flight across the country. If you are, there are number of things that you should do before you leave for your flight. Perhaps, the first thing that you should do is familiarize yourself with the Dulles International Airport. All travelers, whether you have visited the airport before or not, are encouraged to examine the airport. You will want to be on the lookout for important air travel information, as well as airport changes. One of the best ways to get your research started is to visit the online website of the airport.

Once at the online website for the Dulles International Airport, you will have access to an unlimited amount of information. Some of that information is likely to pertain to air travel rules and safety precautions. You are advised to examine all of this information, especially if you are planning on taking on an international flight. You will want to learn more about the airport baggage screening centers, as well as prohibited items. As with most airports, especially international airports, you will find that security has intensified over the past few years. For this reason, you are advised against taking any unnecessary risk, such as arriving at the airport late or tying to sneak prohibited items in your carryon luggage.

Since the Dulles International Airport is located in the nation’s capital and is one of the most well known international airports in the Untied States, a large number of travelers use the airport. For that reason, you will find that the airport is large in size. This is why it is important that you familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport before arriving there. On the online website for the Dulles International Airport, you should be able to find an airport map, which you can print off for your own viewing. This same information can be found at the airport, but you may benefit from familiarizing yourself with this information ahead of time.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

In addition to the location of each airport terminal, you will need to learn about the rest of the airport, namely the parking arrangements. If you are leaving your vehicle behind, while you travel internationally, you will find that you have a number of different options. With long-term parking, you will have to use the airport’s transportation services to make it to the main terminal. With the Dulles International Airport, there is a good chance that you will be relying heavily on this transportation service, especially since not all airport terminals are connected.

As previously mentioned, you should review the online website of the Dulles International Airport. If, by chance, you do not find what you are looking for, you are urged to contact the airport’s customer service department. When taking an international flight, especially at an airport the size of Dulles International, you are advised against arriving without knowing what is in store for you.

Take time to consider the points presented above. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

Life is Empty Without Car Hire

This is a car. Its cylinders grind and pump oil through its systems, enabling it to travel and transport you for miles and miles, for days on end. This is a plane. Thousands of years of aeronautic development have created the perfect flying machine which soars through the air and one day, will break the speed of light. This is a train. Massive steel girders work its wheels in unison to produce a monster of transportation, cost affective for patrons to utilize. This is a boat. A powerful motor propels an aerodynamic craft through the water, cutting the waves in half as the horizon expands in your view. Transport is the lifeblood of our civilization and without it we would still be scrambling for twigs in our barren desert caves.

What are the first inventions that mankind had the decency to create? Fire, then home cooked food. Some form of rudimentary shelter and the forbearer of all transport – the wheel. Scientists, from their archaeological findings, have proven some of these details and it has indeed been confirmed that the wheel’s basic design is amongst many of man’s first original tool set. From then on, as we evolved from monkey to man, our concept of the wheel became more and more radical. It wasn’t enough to have a simple shell of four wheels and an engine. We needed more. We needed aluminium coated beasts which could shatter speed limits advancing, integrating and transforming our cars into portable family wagons, or mobile lounges resplendent with flat screen TVs and Dolby sound systems. We needed more. We needed cheap oil and cheaper car hire.

That though, is progress and without a lust for creating more advanced and exceedingly speedy transportation technology, we would be left wallowing in the dust. How would you visit your aunt living in the UK without a jet plane? How would your aunt be living in the UK without said jet plane? Even a simple scooter makes the task of walking seem like a second place runner up to catching the plague. When did pre-ambulation become such a chore? Such a bothersome task… Yet we cannot deliver goods across the globe on foot, and we can’t take a vacation by swimming to Hawaii.

Everyone who is reading this is most likely thinking, how obvious, of course we need transport. Where would any of us be today without rental cars or planes? What a stupid article. Burn in hell.

Do you see my point? We so obviously need transport and without it we would all be stuck in an infinite loop of fail [to quote a popular Web 2.0 meme]. Not one single person on our green earth can imagine a life without wheels, not even one of us. What can we hope to achieve without steel wings soaring us into the sky, or our rubber tires shifting us to work? Transportation is the life blood which pumps our economy into succession, which keeps us evolving, which moves you from success to success. Never take it for granted.

Last Minute Flights Cheap And Easy

Plans come up in an instant. Friends call with last minute invitations. Business deals come together quicker than you would have believed possible. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself need to book last minute flights.

By following a few easy steps, the stress of last minute travel can be reduced to taking your black blazer or your brown. As you begin to pack your bags, you can be taking action at the same time to ensure your flights are cheap and easy.

First, keep your eyes and ideas wide open. Calling one airline to price a ticket is definitely not the way to go in this age of the internet. Instead, start your search by going to a discount or travel comparison site, to see what options exist. It is far easier and it saves a tremendous amount of time to see all of your options at once rather than calling or browsing around to individual airlines.

Just because you use a discount or comparison site to do your research does not mean you need to book there, however. Often, the lowest price available is then padded with booking costs or hidden fees – that is how discount and comparison sites generate revenue. Your best bet can be to use the research you have completed to pinpoint which airline you will need to work with to book your flights.

Next, always stay flexible when booking. Accept the possibility of taking flights at odd times or with odd connections. While flights may book up to popular destinations quickly, not everyone is willing to get up at the crack of dawn; if you are, you can sometimes find great last minute flights at terrific fares.

Perhaps a red-eye flight is an option you can consider. Plan to sleep on the plane, and you will save even more money without needing a hotel room for that night! Connections may not always be pleasant or time-efficient, but they can sometimes be considerably cheaper than direct flights. Always keep this option in mind when planning.

Finally, consider that you may be well served by taking risks to make your last minute flights cheap and easy. Many airlines still offer the option of stand-by tickets – purchased with the possibility that you may get on a flight, after full-fare revenue passengers are boarded.

If you absolutely need to get somewhere by noon, this may not be your best bet. But if you are confident that flight loads will leave plenty of empty seats, or if your travel plans are completely flexible, this can be a terrific option.

Another option that carries a degree of risk is purchasing a ticket through a travel bidding website. Enter your destination and the price you are willing to pay and you will soon hear whether an airline accepts your offered revenue so that they do not have to let a seat fly empty. The risk is that you will take away any flight time options most likely and get whatever the airline wants to fill.

Do your research, plan carefully, consider a risk, but do not forget to start packing! After you book your last minute flights, it will be time to head to the airport!

Cheap Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Northamptonshire

Welcome to Northampton Hotels … We offer a wide range of discount hotel reservations, cheap hotel rooms, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday cottages with secure online reservations and short weekend breaks in Northampton. For those looking for a relaxing break in a Country House Hotel why not visit our Elegant Northampton Hotels and stay in one of our 4 Poster executive rooms with private balcony Location! Well, we’ve got it! Elegant Northampton Hotels in Northampton, we are minutes from Northampton International Airport a pleasant and unassuming 3 star hotel in Northampton, The hotel is centrally situated in a quiet location with spectacular panoramas overlooking the English Channel.

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Choosing a Jamaica Tour

Are you in the process of planning a trip to Jamaica? After making your all-inclusive Jamaica travel arrangements, you will start to examine nearby attractions and activities. When doing so, you will find that you have many Jamaica tours to choose from. Each vacation tour is a must see in its own right. You may have a hard time deciding. What factors should you take into consideration?

Activities. For most travelers, a trip to Jamaica is a dream come true. Look at it as more. Look at it as your opportunity to try new things and have the adventure of a lifetime. What activities do you enjoy or what new things would you like to try? As previously stated, you have many Jamaica tours to choose from. Just a few of your options include horseback tours, hiking tours, jeep tours, ATV tours, snorkeling tours, treetop canopy tours, and boat tours. What are your favorite activities? You should be able to find tours centered around them.

Likes and dislikes. Although you are encouraged to try something new on your trip to Jamaica, always keeps your likes and dislikes in mind. Do you not like pets? If so, a horseback ride and swim tour may not be your best option. If you do opt for one, consider a shortened ride, such as one that only lasts one or two hours. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a vacation tour that you find boring.

Age requirements. If traveling to Jamaica solo, with a romantic partner, or a group of friends, you should not run into any problems with age restrictions. However, if traveling to Jamaica for a family vacation, they are very important. These age restrictions will vary depending on the company hosting the tour. Some horseback riding tours have age restrictions as young as six and others only accept riders over the age of 16. Treetop canopy tours are an adventure and a child’s dream come true, but due to the danger children under 18 are usually prohibited from participating.

Length. Jamaica tours are perfect for travelers in that you can always find what you want or need. There are hundreds of tours available for tourists. Of course, you want to consider the activity, but consider length too. Do you have other activities planned? Do you think it would be too much for your body to spend eight hours on a horse? Jamaica vacation tours typically come in two formats, hourly tours and daylong tours. If you would like to salvage some of your day, opt for a tour that only lasts two or three hours.

Costs. Jamaica tours come in a number of different formats. As previously stated, there are tours for all different types of activities, tours that last a few hours and those that last all day. The longer the tour, you more you will pay. But, always price compare. For example, there are a number of companies in the Montego Bar area that offer horseback ride and swim tours. Compare prices to find the best deal. Never pay more than you need to.

What is included. As previously stated, Jamaica tours come in a number of different formats. Even tours that are similar, such as horseback ride and swim tours, vary greatly. Always compare prices, but compare inclusions too. A tour that includes lunch will cost more than one that does not. With that said, you may get a better value for your money. Plus, you do not have to worry about carrying around a bagged lunch or money. The key to choosing the perfect Jamaica tour isn’t just about finding the cheapest price, but also getting the best value for your money.

Location to all-inclusive resort. Finally, it is important to consider the location of your tour and your all-inclusive Jamaica resort. Jamaica is a relatively small island. It is easy to travel from one resort community to the next, but you may not have to. Most of these resort communities have jeep, ATV, boat, and horseback tours available. Don’t travel one hour when you could have opted for a five minute drive.

How To Find Cheap International Airfares

How to Find the Best International Fares

Traveling internationally has never been easier, nut you’ve probably found that international airfares are not cheap. You may have also spent some time going through the search engines for discount international airfares only to become totally overwhelmed. So to start you off on your search here are some of the hottest deals on the web to help yu quickly and easily find the best deal.

Travelling to Europe

You may be surprised to hear that there are search engines that deal specifically with people who offer discount international airfares. They are worth looking into as everyone uses different sources for their deals so that they have different discounts on international airfares. There are three search engines that deal with companies offering flights to Europe:

- Goo Flight ( This search engine covers 35 countries which serve over 230 cities including the most popular destinations to England, Ireland, France, Italy and Spain. They currently have offerings from 16 airlines.

- Sky Scanner ( This search engine operates on a slightly different premise. You first enter specific dates, trips or locations and it will undertake a complete search of it’s databaseto match your criteria. Most of the other sites just list the availabilities.

- Apple Fares ( This search engine was recently bought out by Their main focus is on cheap airfares across Europe so if you plan on travelling around Europe once you arrive there, this is an excellent site to help you find cheap airfares as you travel around Europe.

Travelling Intercontinental or Within the USA

The following sites are great resources for intercontinental airfares or for travel within the US:

- Fare Chase ( This site is simple, easy to navigate and use. It’s so good that Yahoo just bought them out!

- Qixo ( This site clains to be the biggest cheap airfare search engine of them all. It may well be true as it has a staggering amount of airfares and options available.

- Opodo ( Although it’s a UK site it allows you to search its database with a combination of factors, such as airlines, different fares,traveling partners and ages.

Need a List of Cheap International Airfares?

There are alternatives to the pure search engine style cheap airline sites. There are also websites that list the best and cheapest airfares currently available. Take a look at some of the best:

- ( This site carries a lot of information including lists of the budget and discount airlines, cheap airfare deals, a search engine and also a forum for you to search and discuss where to get the cheapest airfare. You can find out where the discount airlines are based so that you can get the best deals for travelling to a particular destination.

- Attitude Travel ( This is an extensive site that includes details of the cheap internatinoal airlines that fly to and from Europe.

Why not try Being an Air Courier

One of the most effective ways to get cheap, or often free, airfares is to travel as an air courier. My sister used this method to fly for free to attend my wedding. Whilst it’s not suitable for everyone as you give up some of your luggage space to courier the goods, you don’t really have to do anything with the goods themselves. It may not be ideal but for really deep discounts it’s well owrth considering. To find out more try these sites:

- The Air Courier Association (

- The International Association of Air Couriers (

- Air Hitch (


Wherever you’re going have a safe and enjoyable trip!